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Madarin Chinese - English

Hi there~I wish to find a long-term language exchange(LE) partner, period! The reason is because that I want to keep using English as a language to communicate with people. My latest partner, she changed her work schedule last October, so we couldn't continue. I used to have couple language exchange partners via tealit, but one by one they got/changed jobs so we had troubles to continue LE. I had taken three months training in the language center NTU for how to teach Mandarin (though I prefer to say the language that I use is Chinese instead of Mandarin). I live in Tamsui, grew up in Taipei; have a scooter and a cat; got PhD (Major architecture/environment behavior) in 2014. Hobbies: making coffee with syphon; reading detective stories and fantasy literature; European∕American series and cinema; badminton and yoga; watching F1; collecting postcards. Like to ask WHY and HOW, are willing to spend a lot of time to learn new knowledge. How about explore the world and learn culture differences together? Just send me a letter. (I prefer face to face for the LE)

Area: Taiwan

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Shoei Lin, New Taipei City 新北市
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