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Spanish Meetup In Kent

There are a half dozen of us that attend every week.
Another dozen or so that stop in once a month.
Another two dozen that drop in twice a year.
We meet to practice speaking Spanish with one another. We are all levels.
The more advanced help the less advanced. The less advanced help the beginners.
Again, we are all levels, if you are an advanced speaker this isn't for you unless you believe that the best way to learn is to teach. There is no charge.

Tom, the organizer pays the meetup organization for the website but he never ask us to chip in. Some of us give him $20 a couple times a year to defray his costs.

We meet Monday nights at 5:30 and stay until 7 or 7:30. Come early, or come late. Stay late or leave early. Go to meetup dot com and search for Spanish in Kent Washington and you will find us. We meet at the Panera café to the east of the Norm Maling Justice Center or South of Showare Center or some of you may know this as Kent Station.
We are usually at the long table to the left of the fireplace. Some of us bring show and tell stuff. Once we had a man who every week brought us a ten minute numbers exercise. It was hokey because he didn't know his numbers any better than the rest of us but we all hear and speak numbers better in espanol post Jim's contribution.
We have a person that attends regularly, originally from Argentina, that helps us with grammar, pronunciation, translations etc.

Hope you can join us!

Area: England
Website URL: http://www.meetup.com/Spanish-English-Language/

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We are a group who like to get together to chat in Spanish and English.
Hope you can join us!
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