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Absolute Internship, Sydney

- Internship programs for enrolled college/university students
or graduate students with degrees
aged between 18 - 27

Absolute Internship is a company based in Hong Kong that organises internship programs for enrolled college / university students or graduate students with degrees aged between 18 - 27 in several destinations worldwide, including Sydney, Australia. Internships are offered with local or multinational companies in a variety of fields, which may include sales & marketing, business, public relations, hospitality among others. Internships last for between 3 - 12 months.

The internships are often paid work placements but it is not guaranteed that the position you will be offered will be a paid one. Internships are available all year round. We offer you a refund of your deposit fee, if we can't find you an internship that you like within 8 weeks.

Internships provide an excellent opportunity for interns to experience full language and cultural immersion in Sydney. Our staff will help you to find affordable accommodation for your stay and we provide professional 24/7 telephone assistance in Chinese, English, French and Spanish.

Area: Sydney
Website URL: http://absoluteinternship.com/

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