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For French Teachers - Training in France

Teachers training for French teachers in Montpellier, France.
Special French courses to learn French as foreign language with the language school Klesse.

Course objectives and methodology:

- to provide participants with tools and activities to use in their classes and perfect the necessary skills to create others
- to encourage cross-cultural exchanges and the transfer of skills between teachers
- to impart a meta-teaching approach that has proven its worth over several years, the professionalism of which continues to satisfy all participants

Area: France
Phone: + 33 / (0) 4 67 92 66 58 , Facsimile + 33 / (0) 4 67 58 17 99
Website URL: http://www.ecoleklesse.com/study-french-france/special-programs/study-french-teacher-training.html

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Teacher training for French teachers to study French in France.
Teaching French as a Foreign Language.
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