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Learning Dutch Online - Hear Dutch Here

My name is Marco Schuffelen. I am not a grammarian, and don't plan to be one.
In my website I'm just trying to explain structures to people who want to learn a little Dutch.

The Internet makes it possible to hear the sounds of foreign languages at the click of a mouse - you won't find that in a book or a language course on an audio CD.
My website makes learning Dutch easier - and more fun too, I hope.
Allow me to pilot your course in Dutch.

A nice page to start: Colors and Materials.
Then listen to a few longer Dutch texts, like poems and songs. Readings from my Dutch short stories.
Regular Dutch may be a little fast for you. The Slow Dutch page might help you get up to speed.
It's probably best to study the pronunciation first: How are the letters said in Dutch?

I would recommend to take the instruction in small doses, like twenty minutes once or twice a day. For most people that will be much more effective than a few long sessions.

The Dutch Website Hear Dutch Here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HearDutchHere

Basic Dutch Words: Smartphones-friendly pages - http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchBasicWords_mobile_Man.html

Website URL: http://www.heardutchhere.net/

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Basic Dutch Words. Smartphones-friendly pages.
My name is Marco Schuffelen. In my website I'm just trying to explain structures to people who want to learn a little Dutch.

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Date:: 25 Jan 2017
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