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Japanese Classes NYC – 日本語

Language Classes NYC
We offer the best variety, at the lowest price, for private lessons and group classes.
- Cantonese Classes
- Chinese Classes
- Japanese Classes
- Korean Classes
- Thai Classes

Our teaching philosophy:

1 – Target language only
2 – It’s okay to make mistakes
3 – Follow your language objectives
4 – Preview and review

In the above philosophy, you will see that number 1 is using target language only. In other words, no English is allowed in class and our goal is to provide an immersion experience when learning foreign language.

Hills Learning was founded in January 2009 and is a family-owned business.
Hills Learning employs over 20 teachers and has programs for over 200 students.
We inspire the confidence to communicate in a foreign language, stimulate motivation to achieve each individual’s goals, and encourage a lifetime of language learning.

We believe that:

-Language learning is a lifetime pursuit.

-Every individual deserves to learn at their own pace.

-You can only begin to understand your own culture when you start to understand others.

-Language is the key to open new doors.

-Diversity encourages society to accept and respect differences.

-Healthy relationships are built on trust, respect, and fairness.

-Self assessment and reflection are key to being successful in your career and life.


Asian Language School NYC
Entrance to Hills Learning

Hills Learning
50 East 42nd Street – Suite 900
(Entrance and Building Name is 315 Madison Avenue)
New York, NY 10017

Area: New York City
Phone: 212-784-0694
Website URL: http://www.hillslearning.com/

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Hills Learning was voted one of the best language schools in New York by CBS local.
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