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Swedish - English Penpals

I'm Erienne, from United States of America, seeking male penfriends.
My hobbies: singing, composing music, piano, guitar, ABBA!

I describe myself as an oblivious shadow, or a misty illusion. I never know whether I am here, there, or even existing at all.
I'm constantly searching for what is in front of me, and I avoid the wrath of time, beleiving there is no reality. I have a burning passion for the music and members of ABBA, and all I want to do is move to the U.K. or Sweden.
I'm learning Swedish, and I attend Denver SChool of the Arts as a Vocal Major.
I want to be a singer, then again, I do have an interest in economics.
I'm considered either dark and sarcastic, or hyper and extremely random.
I have to sides, not quite a Jekyll and Hyde, but a drunk, and more fun Jekyll and Hyde.
I love Daniel Radcliffe, he's such a fabulous person and actor. Well... bluntly... that's me. Love, Hate, Whatever You Want,

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