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Japanese Language - Easy Method for Improving Your Speaking Skill

Surprising method to improve a Japanese speaking skill for in 3 months!!

As I have taught Japanese from beginners to advanced people for grammars including hiragana and katakana, vocabularies, expression, business conversation or preparation of JLPT, I will seriously teach you great Japanese (^_^)

Hobbies and Certifications -
Plaing Tsugaru Shamisen(Japanese traditinal 3 stringed instrument)
Dancing(Ballroom and Salsa)
English & Chinese(basic conversation skill)
TOEIC 800 points
The 420 hour Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course
English Teacher
Chinese Teacher( HSK grade 4, HSK Speaking(Intermediate) Exam passed )
Japanese lecturer for the people who want to study Japanese teacher skills
Seminar lecturer

Let's study Japanese with fun together !! (^0^)

Area: Japan
Website URL: http://www.fujiwara-village-japanese.com/english/profile/

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Yukihiro Fujiwara
I have taught Japanese from beginners to advanced
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