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ESL + biology-botany-ecology-forestry teacher. ESL lesson 8+ years

7 years ESL teaching in South Korea (children and young adults).

In addition to Expo, a private ESL institute, I have worked part-time at many others like Jung Chul, Oxford, Brainy, Kids Club, all age groups. I like children and they like me. Began a phonics program here.

Also taught in Canada at the University of Winnipeg 1980-81, Labrador College writer 1996, West Viking College 1995-96, Memorial University 1977, U. of Ottawa 1982 and U. of New Brunswick 1979 and have worked as a research assistant for the Canadian federal government, agriculture department, on the national information hotline and in their scientific plant collections/archives. I have also run several private contracts in Canada related to botany, science, gardening and archaeology.

Hobbies: Archaeology, travel, gardening, writing, paintings and building.

"I have been collecting words (see list below) that Koreans have adopted from other languages. It is sort of a mini-vocabulary within their own language that almost all Koreans use and is a first step into English. Typically we read this list aloud in a first class, with my commentary, and everybody feels comfortable with the fact that they already know so many English words."
English Words Used in the Korean Language
By: Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed. -

Website URL: http://www.eslteachersboard.com/s/RobinDay.htm

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Copyright 2004 Robin Tim Day - English Words Used in the Korean Language.
Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed. I like children and they like me.
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