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Learn Hindi in India

Learn Hindi in India:

Pre- Intermediate
Advanced Hindi 1
Advanced Hindi 2

The duration of the Hindi language course depends on your current Hindi knowledge. We recommend 4 weeks/ 80 hrs of Hindi learning. The Hindi language course fee depends upon level of Hindi courses (Basic, Elementary, Pre- Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced Hindi) you choose. It also depends upon whether you choose to stay with us during your course. Please contact us for details on Hindi language course's pricing.

Rosemounts is a great place to learn languages.
Watch the video -
Gordon & Carol from America, currently residing in Kolkata, studied Hindi at Rosemounts. Their objective was to communicate better with their colleagues at work. You guys will be missed!

Area: India
Phone: +91 9557615544, Mob:+91-9760041250
Website URL: http://rosemounts.org/courses/hindi/

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