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Improve Your Spoken English with Your Native English-speaking Neighbours

We are a registered not for profit Community Interest Company. It’s a pop up language café based on Permaculture design. It’s a place where people can improve their spoken English in a fun and flexible way interacting with their native English-speaking neighbours. Everyone is welcome at the sessions and mistakes are embraced and encouraged, it’s the only way we learn and improve!

Volunteer -

The Speak Street volunteers share their language skills and in return gain informal teaching and facilitation skills. This means it’s a win win situation for both learners and speakers.

Speak street is about more than increasing individuals skills and experience, it’s about creating more integrated resilient communities, un tapping the opportunities that lie on our doorstep.

Our Founder -

Joanna Bevan is a dreamer and a doer, living in Archway North London. She is a global citizen having lived and worked abroad, she’s been the foreigner many times and knows the value of interacting with native speakers to improve your language skills and more importantly to feel part of the community. She is qualified to teach English as a second Language as well as speaking French, German, Spanish and Catalan. Joanna has researched community resilience in the City University, and Speak Street is a direct outcome of that. When she’s not running Speak Street, she loves running, saving bees and Gin and tonic, not necessarily in that order.

Also -
French, Spanish sessions.

Speak Street French session- Galette de Rois special!
Jan 5, 2017 @ 6:30 pm — Jan 5, 2017 @ 8:00pm
Brush up on your French conversation skills in this fun and dynamic session with native speakers.
We will be upstairs!
5 pounds plus your choice of refreshments from the Oak and Pastor.

Area: London
Phone: 07754204582
Website URL: http://speak-street.com/meet-toni-the-french-speak-street-teacher/

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Speak Street is a pop up language cafe based in Islington. It helps people improve their everyday language skills, it's fun, flexible and community based.
Whether its practicing a Job Interview, or talking on the dreaded telephone Speak Street can help you take your English to the next level.
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