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Learn French Online

Unfortunately, most language-learning methods don’t work.

It doesn’t matter if the method is computerized, if it’s a software program, or if it’s traditional teaching and textbooks.

One of the reasons these methods don’t work is that they often start off with useless phrases like, “The book is on the table.” Not exactly a practical phrase! It’s no wonder people give up before they get to enjoy the benefits of speaking a new language.

“At Language101.com, we take a different approach, one that is practical right away.”

We start you out with greetings and compliments, then quickly move to practical phrases like “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?” and “Where’s the bathroom?” You’ll also learn phrases like “What is this?” and “How much?”

By the time you complete your Language101 lessons, you’ll be ready to interact with the locals . . . and have fun in the process!

Skype ID: supportatlanguage101.com

Phone: +1-407-573-7011
Website URL: https://language101.com/

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Discover the Secret to Making Language Learning Practical, Easy, and Fun . . . Guaranteed!
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