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Basic French - College of Staten Island

A beginning course in the fundamentals of expression and communication for those who have had no previous work in the language. Regular attandance in the Modern Languages Media Center is required.
3 hours; 3 credits.

French Courses:

FRN 101 French Conversation I

FRN 102 French Conversation II

FRN 112 Basic French I

FRN 113 Basic French I

FRN 114 Basic French II

FRN 208 French for Native Speakers

FRN 213 Continuing French I

FRN 215 Continuing French II

FRN 313 Advanced Communication Skills

FRN 325 French Civilization

FRN 340 An Introduction to the Literature of France

FRN 350 The Feminist Challenge in French Literature

FRN 426 Classical French Drama

FRN 450 Contemporary French Literature

FRN 465 French Existentialist Literature

All students with prior training in French must take a proficiency examination to determine placement at an appropriate level.

College Address:
2800 Victory Boulevard
Staten Island NY 10314

Area: Staten Island
Phone: (718) 982 -2000
Website URL: http://www.csi.cuny.edu/catalog/undergraduate/frn-112-basic-french-i.htm

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