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English-in-Action Tutor Program in San Diego

About the English-in-Action (EIA) Tutor Program:

the International Center’s English-in-Action (EIA) tutor program matches international students, scholars and spouses with volunteer tutors to help our international visitors with conversational English language skills, simultaneously helping them to acquire a better understanding of American culture and to acclimate more quickly to their new environment.
Our tutors are community members, faculty, staff, and students.
Conversation partners usually meet for 1.5 to 2 hours per week at the International Center or at another location that is convenient for both.
The EIA program is a rewarding learning experience for the international guest and volunteer, as they both gain considerable cultural insight and a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity.

The EIA Program is currently accepting new participant applications.

Who is eligible?
- Enrolled, degree-seeking, UC San Diego international undergraduate and graduate students.
- Non-degree seeking EAP students.
- UC San Diego affiliated post-doctorates and research scholars, including GLI students
Spouses of UC San Diego affiliated international students, post-doctorates, and research scholars.

Who is not eligible?
- UC San Diego Extension Students from English Language Institute and Certificate programs.
- Non-UC San Diego affiliated researchers (The Scripps Research Institute, Salk, Burnahm, V.A. Hospital).
- Children of UC San Diego-affiliated international students, post-doctorates, and research scholars.
- Permanent Residents.
- Citizens of the US who have a US passport.

For more information contact: iprograms@ucsd.edu

Our Mailing Address
International Students & Programs Office
Student Center B
9500 Gilman Drive #0018
La Jolla, California 92093-0018

Area: San Diego
Website URL: http://ispo.ucsd.edu/programs-events/eia/index.html

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В Mandeville Auditorium at UC San Diego.
International Students & Programs Office - UC San Diego
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