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Learn Armenian in Armenia: Armenian Language Course (Upper-Intermediate)

Armenian language course (Upper-intermediate)

For the Intermediate level we suggest 24 lessons.

At the end of this level the learners can easily communicate on daily topics, write short thematic essays, tell stories in the past tense, speak about their future plans, read and understand various texts with or without a dictionary etc.

Course days: from Monday to Friday
Suggested schedule: 3-4 lessons per week
Duration of each individual lesson – 1,5 hours
Duration of each group lesson – 2-2.5 hours
Fee for 24 individual lessons: 132 000 AMD

Fee for 24 group lesson: 108 000 AMD

“Lazarian Dpratoon” center organizes Armenian language and Armenian civilization intensive courses and also foreign language courses according to the international educational standards and based on the best recognized teaching experience.

Yerevan, 0015,
M. Khorenatse str. 9, area 1

Area: Armenia
Phone: +374 060 441 441
Website URL: http://www.ldt.am/en/subabout_as/6/
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