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French language - Alliance Française of San Francisco

The Alliance Française of San Francisco provides:

• Language courses for adults, children, and businesses who want or need to learn French
• Language certifications including the TCF and the DAEFLE
• Cultural activities for adults and children that present a comprehensive look at francophone culture in the 21st century
• A library and other online resources for both native speakers and students of French

Our mission is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the French language and Francophone cultures, and to encourage friendship and collaboration with the French-speaking world.

The Alliance Française of San Francisco is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of California.

Contact us:

Alliance Française de San Francisco
1345 Bush Street - map
San Francisco, CA 94109

Area: San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 415 775 7755
Website URL: http://afsf.com/

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The Alliance is known as the best institution in Northern California for providing high quality French courses in a friendly, and relaxed yet dynamic atmosphere.
We go beyond mere language instruction, by covering the cultural, social, business, and professional aspects of French.
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