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Teacher Certification - Department of World Languages & Cultures

Teacher Certification

1st BA Degree
The First BA with a concentration in Teacher Education is for those who are earning their first bachelor’s degree and desire to be certified to teach French, German, or Spanish.

Take Courses

Take all courses needed in the Target Language, Education, & Foreign Language Education.
Note that students must make a minimum grade of “B” in all of the Target Language and Foreign Language Education courses.
In order to take the Education courses and Foreign Language Education courses students must apply to the Teacher Education program.
If it has been a while since your last language course, it is recommended that you take the WebCAPE prior to taking courses.
Depending on your score, will determine if you need to start atthe intermediate level or if you need to take a 2nd placement exam.

Georgia State University (GSU) offers teacher certification in French, German, Classics (Latin), and Spanish.

Watch the video - Georgia State University, GSUnited Homecoming 2016.

Area: Atlanta
Phone: (404) 413-5980 or (404) 413-5981, Fax: (404) 413-5982
Website URL: http://wlc.gsu.edu/home/undergraduate/bachelor-of-arts/teacher-certification/1st-ba-degree/

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Georgia State University Opens New Residence and Dining Hall Complex on Piedmont Avenue.
Georgia State University (GSU) offers teacher certification in French, German, Classics (Latin), and Spanish.

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