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Spanish Teachers Association

Waldorf Spanish Teachers Association

The general goal of the Association shall be to promote the teaching of Spanish in Waldorf Schools. In furtherance of this goal, it shall:
• Encourage and give practical help to teachers of Spanish in Waldorf Schools.
• To offer support to Spanish teachers starting new Spanish programs.
• Promote contact and discussion among teachers of Spanish in the USA and with teachers of Spanish in other countries.
• Undertake collaborative research on questions about language acquisition and technology in the classroom.
• Promote and try to get better recognition for Spanish teachers within the Waldorf schools.
• To maintain a Web site with downloadable material to use in the classroom; to publish a monthly online newsletter that contains timely articles of interest to members.
• Career Center on Line: listing of available Spanish teaching positions.
• To develop a Spanish curriculum from grades 1 trough 12.
• To promote teacher training and development for Spanish teachers.
• To promote Anthroposophical studies for the Spanish teachers working in Waldorf schools.
• Deepen and renew the understanding of child development under the umbrella of Waldorf education.

The teachers who are part of WSTA are committed to develop a better and stronger Spanish program in our schools, based in Waldorf education, by learning about child development and by following the indications of Rudolf Steiner in the curriculum.

Contact us
Waldorf Spanish Teachers Association
201 Ridge Ave #3, Evanston, IL 60202

Area: Evanston
Website URL: http://www.waldorfspanishteachers.org/

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