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Language Exchange Program - UCLA

International students sign up with Dashew when they apply to UCLA. The Language Exchange program helps anyone who wants to learn a new language or improve what they already know. Two people are paired together and teach each other their native language.

The international student population at UCLA is pretty big.
There are about 12,000 international students on campus, and they come from more than 110 different countries.
Dashew helps each one with everything from academics to finding a home away from home.

Many students in Dashew want to improve their English, but some are trying to pick up a third or fourth language.

Read and listen:
Language learners Exchange More than Just Conversation -

Watch the video: A day in my life at UCLA!

Contact us:

UCLA Dashew Center

106 Bradley Hall
417 Charles E. Young Drive West
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1379

Area: Westside-Southbay
Phone: +1-310-825-1681, Fax. +1-310-206-1612
Website URL: http://www.internationalcenter.ucla.edu/

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There are about 12,000 international students on campus.
The students come from more than 110 different countries.
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