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Program for Spanish Teachers - Spanish Immersion School

CPI is an academic institution accredited by the Cervantes Institute; therefore, we can confidently ensure that our teaching methodology meets international standards and the program is extremely useful for those educators who find it difficult to teach certain grammatical topics with which students tend to struggle.

The teachers who participate in this course leave prepared to step into the classroom with various instructional techniques that can easily be modified to meet the needs of any type of student.

Furthermore, this course being given completely in Spanish allows Spanish teachers to refine their oral and written expression.

Participants have the opportunity to share with fellow colleagues’ doubts, triumphs, and experiences in the language classroom.

CPI has designed a specialized program for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

Area: Spain
Phone: Toll-free: 1-877-373-3116, Cell: 970-471-3444
Website URL: http://www.cpi-edu.com/seminars/teachers_seminar.htm

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At CPI COSTA RICA learn SPANISH as a second language with our immersion program.
Terence Thurston Aprenda también inglés, francés, mandarín y portugués en nuestro departamento de idiomas extranjeros.
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