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English Grammar, Punctuation, Essay Writing Courses on DVD or Computer Download

With these comprehensive, easy-to-follow courses you will:

Receive on-screen, step-by-step instruction from a qualified English teacher.

Have a resource that addresses multiple learning styles: tactile, visual, and auditory.

Save time and money with the reproducible workbook/study guide that comes with each course - no need to buy additional workbooks for additional students, no need to buy the "teacher's manual" separately, and no need to waste valuable time creating grammar and punctuation exercises, tests, and answer keys.
Note: the essay course does not come with specific exercises or tests, but does come with a study guide outlining 12 essay styles.

Learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Have the ability to review concepts quickly when studying for an exam, or just "brushing up".

Have a resource that can be used over and over again at no additional cost. It can be shared with friends, family, and used in your homeschool environment as many times as you wish.

Website URL: http://www.splashesfromtheriver.com/index.html

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The Basic Cozy English Grammar Course
These educational DVD courses can be used alone or as an excellent supplement to other English Language Arts courses.
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