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French, German or Spanish Graduate Programs - Summer and Fall 2016 Courses

Come get a master's degree in French, German or Spanish from West Chester and Millersville Universities!

Graduate courses emphasize communication skills, interpretive skills, and culture. Our degree will give you a new edge in the current competitive market place, whatever your field of interest.

Our degree includes a core curriculum of 3 seminars online for all students in French, German and Spanish, a general language 12-credit curriculum in one of the three program languages, and 4 additional elective courses in another program language, or graduate certification, or the ESL certificate for those holding language certification, or other electives for the professions.

Contact our graduate advisors for information about enrolling for courses.

Dr. Maria Van Liew
Mitchell Hall 123

Dr. Israel Sanz-Sanchez
Acting Chair January-June 2016
224 Mitchell Hall
West Chester, PA 1938

Area: Pennsylvania
Phone: 610-430-4746, 610-436-2700
Website URL: https://www.wcupa.edu/_academics/sch_cas.flg/Graduate%20Programs/

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Check out our new MALC program in French, Spanish, German.
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