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Learn a Language and Share a Language

Learning a language is a vocabulary building project. Native speakers typically have an active vocabulary of around 20,000 words and then another 40,000 words that they can recognize.

LanguageGuide.org is geared toward helping language learners acquire the vocabulary of the physical world using an image based guide which contains up to 2,435 words.
Due to it's visual nature, the guide can be used worldwide, regardless of the student's language.
The English and French guides also include complementary pages with more than a thousand expressions, verbs, and additional nouns.
The site is designed to give users a major boost in their vocabulary aquisition.

By default the difficulty level of the vocabulary guide is set to 'challenging' but you can change the difficulty to 'Beginner' or 'Super Challenging' by clicking on the settings icon.

If you aren't quite sure what an image refers to, click on it and you should see the translation in the language the interface is set to.

Challenges & The Game

Learning a language isn't a passive affair. Each page has a set of challenges: the listening challenge - in which you hear a word and click on the corresponding image - and the speaking challenge - in which an image is selected and you're asked to utter it's name - preferable outload. The challenges are intended to help students improve their listening comprenhension skills as well as their speaking skills. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. When completing challenges what counts is eventually getting the correct answer. You can make as many mistakes along the way as you need. You might want to consider activating the game, and recieve awards when completing sets of challenges.

Share a Language

Most of the words and translations on this site have been contributed by volunteers, and many of the voices you hear on the site are that of volunteers. If you'd like to help translate the vocabulary guide, please use the wiki. If you'd like to become a sound admin and help sound integrate a language, read about how to become a sound admin.


LanguageGuide.org is created by Language Guide, a registered non-profit organization in the USA.

Website URL: http://www.languageguide.org/english/vocabulary/

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LanguageGuide.org is created by Language Guide, a registered non-profit organization in the USA.
Touch or place your cursor over an object, word, or phrase to hear it pronounced aloud.
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